Open Space
Thursday 4pm and Friday 3.30pm
Room 2F14

On Richard’s Side: a new feature documentary from Pericles Films, the third in a trilogy of films spanning three decades.

Filmed over three decades, On Richard’s Side charts the life-story of Richard, a young man with a complex disability since birth. The film provides intimate and poignant insights into his parents’ determined quest to establish a quality life for their son and themselves.

This latest film is the third in a trilogy of documentaries about Richard and his family – Driving with Richard (1992) and Wonder Boy (2001).

“If we have a notion that there is something in humanity that is intrinsically worthwhile and valuable and that people who call forth our caring and our love and our compassion are doing a service to us because those are qualities that enrich our humanity…then without people who are vulnerable, without people who need us, how do we practise our caring and our compassion?”

Deirdre Croft, mother of Richard

Come and watch the film, share ideas, reflections and thoughts about how we can promote the valued role of carers and the role that people with PMLD play in making our communities better places to live in.

Watch the trailer: